Nobel Peace Prize transparency – it ain’t all that deep folks

I have been asked a few time about Obama’s recent awarded Nobel Peace Prize.  As it was awarded during China National Holiday and Lantern Festivals as well as when I was rebuilding my PC and its OS I was unaware until my father-in-law mentioned it.  Since then I have only read headlines and heard a few talking heads comment on it.  Well for this one I am going off the top of my head, shoot straight from the hip and not going to discuss anything along the lines of what I heard.  So with a huge splitting sinus headache and caffeine jitters here it is.
Who cares!  Ok, that was crass but hey, really who does care?  What has the Nobel Peace Prize meant to anyone in the past 15 years, really what?  I remember some the past winners, Arafat – a terrorists leader who got his for organizing the PLO into a political party, Carter – who got his for keeping world focus on the dysfunctional farce we call geo-politics in the Middle East, Annon – who was the first African UN leader and took the UN into a new direction, let’s just forget about his kids oil for food thing that included Iraq pre-war, and last but not least Gore – who got his for winning an academy award with a movie so full of scientific error a British judge found 29 errors and would only allow the movie to be shown in British schools if 9 of the worst errors were made part of the lesson plan.  So with a group like that it seems par for the course to give this award to a man who has done literally nothing for world peace.
I am glad an American won, but also embarrassed.  Why?  Well, what did Obama do to get it?  As one of my friends stated “I don’t feel any more peaceful”.  Some are throwing around theories on European interference and conspiracies on playing to Obama famously huge ego and narcissism by using this as a ploy to steer American policy through ego stroking.  I seriously doubt that.  The committee has publicly came out and defended its decision a few times in the press now.  Why?  They are a private organization of European elites who care little about anything other then the prestige of their award, actually if that were the case they would have given it to Kim Jung-Il or Hugo Chavez, or Ahmadinejad or even Putin, hell all of them have at least done something on the international level besides give speeches.  No, the Nobel guys are exercising a very old game, any press is good press.  This is nothing more then a publicity stunt to get people to stop and seriously think and talk about what and why the Nobel Peace Prize is.  Come on, how can it be anything else then that?  They are ceasing on the popularity of the President and using it as a vehicle to breathe some life into their stuffy old annual ritual, if not they would have picked someone a bit more serious.
Again let’s look at the facts.  I have read just a bit on this and I promised to not use other’s views but facts are facts and here is the most telling one.  The deadline for nominations was Feb 1 and that is strictly enforced.  Notice I said deadline, this means Obama could have been nominated at anytime since the last winner was announced, by say Jimmy Cater (former winners can nominate a new candidate).  So even if Obama had been nominated at 11:59 Feb 1, all he had done for world peace was get sworn in as President of the United States and make a few celebratory speeches on what he wanted to do.  If he were nominated in say, November then he achieved world peace for becoming America’s first half breed Democratic President in an election, actually it was the people of America who elected him so we should get it, not him.  Prior to that all he had done was deliver a few grandiose speeches that just sounded really good.
Some are saying this is more of a political statement by the Nobel committee then anything else, stating this is the anti-Bush award.  That seems improbable, why… what has Obama done that is against Bush’s policies?  Gitmo – still open and will be past January, Iraq – troops still there on the ground, Afghanistan – almost 75% of US Iraqi forces sent there and a surge about to happen, Renditions and torture – still going on according to Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch with cases now made public, Patriot Act – Obama is keeping most of it in place as it is working, and I could go on if my head didn’t feel like it were about to explode.  Mind you all of this has happened well AFTER February 1st!  No, the Nobel committee is just trying to do something radical to get attention in a world gripped by wars, economic crisis, and isolationists’ sentiments, they feel neglected.  If they wanted to make a political statement that was bold and proactive they would have went with one of the above or some other loony like Michael Moore or something.  This is a cry for attention and they are getting just that.  When in the past 15 years has there been this much international attention paid to this silly award and its place in society debated such passionately as now?  If you really want to know what is going on here ask Madonna, this is straight out of her playbook, which it seems the Nobel committee somehow got away from Britney Spears though half of it is now missing or beer stained and illegible now.
Obama is just a pawn in a game the Nobel elite is playing right now.  Of course he is shocked, why would he be, he would have wanted it for his efforts to destroy capitalism, establishing a new world order of socialism, a new global governance that frees all of the burden of choice and responsibility.  He would have much rather gotten the award later, after he did something, anything other then reading lines from a teleprompter.  Sure he is pledging nuclear non-proliferation but that was in August, and that is despite the facts that North Korea has been identified as a nuclear power now and Iran is dictating to the world how and when it will develop its nuclear activities, lock up 2 nuclear arsenals and release 2 more!  No, Obama of course was shocked, but he is also so egocentric that he accepted the award, and the money!  If he were really smart, and really a credible leader, he would have graciously declined and stated he had done nothing worthy of advancing world peace just yet, come back in a few years though.  Had he done that I would have had an ounce of respect for him, instead its just par for the course, boggy boggy, par, par.
If you silence all the pundits and noise makers out there you can get a clearer picture of what is really going on.  I can’t believe I am about to put this in print on the Internet but, I have to agree with Hugo Chavez on this one, what really has this man done?  Even Michael Moore, who is not commenting on the Cuban exile who hijacked a plane to Cuba decades ago gave up Cuba’s wonderful medical system to live in prison the rest of his life to receive free American style care, is publicly going out there saying this is a sham.  I don’t buy into the complicated and complex conspiracy theories and coincidences the flapping heads are saying.  This is just a publicity stunt and it worked like a charm, free press and more buzz and discussions across the globe they anyone could ever imagine, you can’t put a price on that.
In the end it is still the same, Obama won the prize this year, joining a short list of self serving idiots who did nothing, and a much longer list of humble ambassadors to the REAL human spirit and advancement of peace.  Nobel has now become more talked about then money, sex, and religion in more countries then anything else in the past 6 months.  Those Nobel people aren’t all stupid, save the Gore and Carter awards, and this just shows it.  Obama showed his class by half hardily saying he didn’t deserve it while snatching it and running in the corner with glee.  There is nothing about world peace, good will, or highlighting the human spirit in this years award, its all about shameless self promotion and press, just look a the results and the recipient, it’s a mirror image of itself.


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2 Responses to Nobel Peace Prize transparency – it ain’t all that deep folks

  1. john says:

    Within a socialist ideal, what is world peace?

  2. J says:

    Good post John and a fresh angle on the Peace Prize debate. One word answer to your PS question: servitude.

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