Will American answer the wake up call from Ft Hood, or will we continue to hit the snooze button?

As I try my best to let important items to play out for a few days before I comment, so the truth can be separated from the speculation and outright falsehoods.  Since the day Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan woke up and executed his planned attacks on fellow soldiers at the processing center complex on Fort Hood Texas many things have come out.  We now know more about his past, education, training, problems, issues, religion, and communications then we know about our next door neighbors, this is more troubling to me but that is another blog article all together.  I am not going to regurgitate the facts, speculations, or crap surrounding this case, that has been done non-stop in the hours since the Thursday November 5th shooting rampage coverage started.  This blog is to try to put the coverage and public information proliferating the airwaves since.

Through all the news articles out there one single theme is seemingly absent, while another is not, and this is my problem with coverage of this account.  I am referring of course to the constant calls of explanations and questions as to how and why this tragedy happened.  Why is it so hard to grasp the concept that radical Islamists want to kill us all, and kill us all in a horrific and senseless manner?  Why are the liberal, politically correct, white wine drinking, ivy league intellectual elites, affirmative action supporting, gun control, pro-choice, save the planet, peace-nic crowd so worried for calling a duck a duck.  There seemed to be an initial push to ignore the white elephant in the room of this story.  Sure, there was no need to jump to conclusions and create a firestorm of speculation, but facts are facts and as they keep coming to light the picture being painted is of a terrorist who executed a carefully executed plan and only messed up by not dying in the end.

Thus far Time Magazine’s website is debating over the act, was it a senseless act or terrorism, quite agonizingly too.  Sites like Slate and Huffington Post keep trying to side step the obvious and blame shift responsibility to the Army, the war, and Bush.  Well, this is clear cut to me.  In my Shipboard Security Engagement Tactics training from the Navy Expeditionary Warfare Training Group I learned just how bad these groups hate us, just who is in them, and how far they are willing to go to carry out their missions.  From recruitment to twisting religion and logic into a custom suite of ideals that make acts of murder and mayhem make sense.  Not only does Hasan fit every profile I have been taught to a T, he did this in the open and was never called out on it out of fear of repercussions of being called racist, insensitive, and not being politically correct.

Now I understand the argument of the left, we can’t pre-judge people by circumstantial evidence like appearance, religious beliefs, associations, etc. but why is it we are backing over backwards in America to prove we don’t hate Muslims since 9/11 while we continue to see example of example of radical Islam rain death down, or try to, on our troops and cities?  My mom always said you could tell a lot about a person by their associations, she was right.  We should not have jumped out and called Hasan a terrorists just because of his name or his religion.  We should have started labeling him a terrorist once we learned he had numerous email contacts with Awlaki, a radical cleric based in Yemen, who praised Hasan’s actions.  We should have started labeling him a terrorist once we learned he attended the same mosque as the 9/11 hijackers.  We should have started labeling him a terrorist once it was confirmed he yelled “Allhu Akbar” before the attack.  Now that this and far more telling evidence has been made public its time to stop coddling this man and call him what he is, a terrorist!

I have even seen the press go so far as calling him “the alleged shooter”.  This is a farce to logic and common sense.  There are reputable eye witnesses.  There are the police who shot him while he was in the act.  There were nurses and doctors who had to remove the ammo magazines from his trouser pockets in the hospital.  There is nothing alleged about it, he did it.  Again, why is the press so scared to report the truth?  Are they worried about getting sued by a terrorist for libel?  I realize this is hard for most civilians to wrap their heads around but the more we bend over backwards, the more we turn our heads, the more we try to ignore the ugly truth the harder, faster, and more brutal it comes.  This is an all our ideological war on every facet of our society and all we hold dear.  There is no compromise, no bargaining, no common ground, no chance in reaching a truce with these radical Islamists.  They will only stop when they control the entire planet and have total control over all people, period.

As a country and a culture we have to wake up to the facts they, the radical Islamists, want us and everything we stand for gone, forever.  We have to wake up to the facts that the peaceful Muslims across our country and the world are only paying lip service to condemn these acts when they occur.  Why didn’t every newspaper in America not go to their local mosque and seek out a response from the local Imam?  Why in a post 9/11 world do radical Islamists still find refuge and acceptance in local mosques across the world and harbor and launch attacks against Europe and America?  We all know that if radical Catholics, Baptists, or Jews had factions that carried out murderous acts and received religious refuge they would be hounded across American relentlessly.  How can I say this, I am Catholic and I know how the Church dealt with and how the press dealt with pedophile priests.  We all have seen how the press reacts to radical right to life groups who commit violent acts.  Yet Muslims get a free pass, for the life of me I don’t know why.

As a veteran this greatly disturbs me.  I have seen people snap before and ‘”go crazy” on the ship and on land bases.  I have seen people I have worked with for years suddenly and without little warning one day try to kill their brothers in arms.  This is bad enough.  But to have a terrorists advanced to the rank of a major, given passes to keep Equal Opportunity Officer investigations out of their commands, and placed on deployment status after repeated attempts of him to convert wounded warriors, praise suicide bombers, and publically stated he held the Koran and Sharia Law above the Constitution of the United States been allowed to continue to serve and not undergo supervision or evaluation at each step and stage of these facts.  We need to get away from being overly sensitive in our dealings with Muslims.  Just as not all black kids or Latino kids on a street corner are gang-bangers or drug dealers not all Muslims are radical Islamists.  But when the warning signs and red flags go up again and again why was nothing done.  This terrible tragedy needs to force the facts out into the open.  The problem is not gun control, the war in Iraq, the policies of G. W. Bush, Gitmo, US support for Israel, US intolerance toward Islam.  The problem is forced political correctness, its forced diversity in the military, its forced cultural sensitivity towards a radical group within a religion that wants to destroy us all.  The problem is we continue to sleep through the alarms here and in Europe.  We continue to blame ourselves for creating this monster, we continue to blame ourselves for creating an environment in which such hatred can grow and thrive, and we continue to blame the real victims and not the perpetrators and their supporters.  I am not talking about the soldiers shot and wounded at Fort Hood, I am talking about the American people.  The soldiers are the true victims, however we have turned America into the larger victim by refusing to acknowledge the reality that this is a black and white war.  In the months and years to come many excuses and misdirections will come out of this case, if we fail to recognize the truth from liberal fantasy we will all pay a much higher price.  Our leaders need to lead, by example.  Instead of using soldiers and flag draped coffins as props for photo opportunities, like the Air Force 1 Statue of Liberty fly over, or paying lip service to my fellow Native Americans at a press conference to speak of the attack, or using the massacre as a back drop for a Veteran’s Day dog and pony show when he was originally going to be on AF1 on his way to Asia to beg for more money we need a leader to lead us out of the woods of political correctness and misadventures in war.  We need someone to clearly say what they mean, mean what they say, and execute what they have promised.  This head in the sand approach will do nothing but result in repeats.  We need to put the very fear of God into those who state they are killing us in his holy name.  We need people in the Muslim community to purge themselves of this horrible element now and before it grows any more.  We need people to call a spade a spade and do what has to be done, before a tipping point is reached and Hell on Earth is fully unleashed.


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