End Game – Part 1

Before we truly begin I must identify the problem as it is today by outline how it arose, then discussing the cause and effects of radical leftist views, and finish off by why and how we can fix it, and what will happen if we don’t.  I am breaking this into 3 parts, part 1 will cover the background issues, causes and effects as I see them, and set the stage to know the what and why we have degenerated as a society and a nation into one where we are hating ourselves, vilifying those who hold contradictory views, and polarized to the point that common ground no longer exists and compromise is deemed improbable, impossible, and deplorable.  The following 2 parts will deal with growing rift and the how continuing down this road will result in ruin and the examples in history that show it.  Lets get started.

Over the past year many changes have occurred in America.  While our journey on the ‘Hope and Change’ train has been whimsical at times (presidential beer bash, teleprompter accidents, and 91 incidents of White House security breeches only made public AFTER a reality show hopeful publicized their antics on the web) other times it has been down right frightening (hate crimes bill, czars on parade, broken promises, fence sitting, Bush era copycatting on national security, refusal to acknowledge the Ft Hood attack as terrorism and its purely reactive and blame shifting of the underwear bomber attempted terrorist attack) but you can not say it has been boring.  One thing Obama has accomplished in his year in office that was not campaigned or promised but delivered none the less has been unity.  The conservatives, that make up the majority of Americans, have rallied and grown in size, funding, and vocally over the past 9 months in a way never seen before in American history.  The liberals who fawned and bent over backwards in every sector of our society have turned blind eyes, offered only distracters instead of comprehensive debate, name calling, personal attacks and character assassinations, have come together too.  What we now lack is any commonality or causes that ties us together.  We are completely united, yet divided at the same time.  The once common shared goal and belief in the nation has subsided into three incompatible views of which direction to take the nation and now fractured groups we used to call a society.  Not since the cession by the southern states in the 1840’s have we as a nation been stretched so close to the point of rupture. 

For the past 6 months I have racked my brain on one really important question, what exactly is the DNC’s end game?  Ronald Regan outlined part of this in his ‘Time for Choosing’ speech delivered to the RNC in the 1960’s.  We have seen evidence of this spread of liberal policy and controls creep into our social fabric like urban sprawl.  We have all dismissed it as farce or comical scheme yet we have continued to give inches and have radical liberals take miles, now accelerating faster then a speeding bullet.  I am talking about how radical liberalism has eased, un-noticed into the DNC to the point they now steer that once great voice of temperament to our national discussion in direction of policy from a similar goal into something so radical it flies in the face of everything our nation was founded upon!  This goal has gone well beyond the once lauded ‘big government’ mantra and into complete social engineering and directions so far left we now have a ruling elite class that is setting the stake to make all of our decisions before we are even born.  Don’t believe this is where they are headed?  Look around at what has transpired in just 20 years and what is being said by their leaders now.  Why is it that California can legally dictate what kind of TV you can own?  Why is it companies are now being told by government how much and what kind of benefits there employees can receive?  Why is it we have had to come up with things like hate crimes that are federal when we don’t even use federal crimes laws on firearms violations?  Why have we abandoned common sense hiring practices in favor of affirmative action thinly veiled as equal opportunity?  Why is the government now pushing through legislation that an average of 10 recent public opinion polls show 2/3 of Americans no longer want and know will bankrupt the nation? 

One of the darkest hours in our national debate and the beginnings of the current issues are traced back to one of two connected pretentious eras, first marked by the Red Scare of the 1920’s and made explosive during the era of McCarthyism in the 1950s.  During these two times the parties took aim at each other but more towards communism and essentially did everything possible to tie people to the American Communist Party, and their supporters to Soviet revolution and later to spying, funding communist activities against the US foreign and domestic interests to the Soviet Union.  By the time it was done the country was steeled in conservatism but the ones who were sympathetic to the extreme views of the former party faded quietly into the Democrat party.  One of the focuses was on labor and community organizing.  This was how Mao Zedong was able to get more backing in China then Shang Kai-shek.  One of the lead intellectual of the later movement, surviving the McCarthy era basically untouched, was Saul Alinsky.  In 1946 he wrote Reveille For Radicals that started to outline his big labor, anti-establishment, community organizing views.  This and his works in bringing together ethnically opposed groups in Chicago and his organizing Mexican immigrant workers in California created the foundation to what we are seeing going on today.  To better understand the cause/effect situation we have to fully see its birth and incubation, from the Red Scare to McCarthyism.

First we have to go back to the Red Scare in America.  Starting in 1917 and going to 1920 the Red Scare was a social and political response to the Russian Bolshevik revolution that marked the beginnings of Communisms spread through Europe, Asia, and further decades later.  The Red Scare, partially hyped by main stream press outlets, saw a massive protectionist fervor sweep the nation to identify and go after radical leftist leaning institutions and individuals.  The fear was based off of the events in Russia and what people would have to lose in America is something similar happened, namely the loss of personal property, freedoms of religion, speech, and the press, as well as destruction of the values and ideals of the American way of life like family, free enterprise, and pursuit of happiness.  It is important to point out that this occurred in the last years of World War I, the largest and most deadly war of a fractured Europe in the era of times.  Also occurring during this time was the Industrial Workers of the World labor unions taking over factories and instituting numerous strikes shutting down industrial output from 1916 to 1917 (the strikes were good for American workers as it brought out the plight of the working poor and led, eventually, to labor laws greatly improving workers conditions and establishing workers rights).  The organizers of the strikes were mostly recent immigrants from war torn Europe and were easy targets for the press to whip up fear and suspicions of communists involvements.  This was later publically justified when a plot to kill 36 prominent Americans was discovered in 1919, that did lead to 8 cities seeing attacks on the same day, June 2nd.  One of the intended targets, US Attorney General Alexander Palmer, was attacked by a recent Italian immigrant and left wing radical who was killed in the explosion, leading to what the press called the Palmer Act and saw the increase in power and authority of the FBI in investigating and detaining those suspected in overthrowing the US government for a more communists type regime.  Social and political pressure led to the shedding of members in both the US Communist Party and the IWW labor unions.  These people did not disappear, they instead re-organized into political parties more left leaning and keeping their radical left views quiet and within smaller circles.  After the first Red Scare the country was overwhelmingly conservative and suspicious of the views, tactics, and outcomes observed by communisms spread in Europe. 

In the years following the first Red Scare the nation fell into the great depression and capitalism became the ire of the nation as agriculture failed due to harsh weather patterns, the stock market crash exploded the number of unemployed and homeless, and America’s disengagement from international affairs saw the rise of conflicting interests that started to spark armed conflicts.  Granted America at that point was not a rich or militarily dominant country, but it was rising and its trade and military reach was not to be completely dismissed either, the discovery of oil in the nation was a bright spot during the period that catapulted the influence of the nation.  During this period some of those whom were involved, influenced by, or instructed by the individuals of the first Red Scare came into power and influence in the government.  Their messages found more sympathetic ears and popularity during declining economic and employment times.  It was this message that peculated its way up through the political process and resulted in the election of and public acceptance to radical social entitlement programs, like Roosevelt’s New Deal, that started to institute an entitlement system similar to what was observed in parts of Russia.  It was a real response to a real problem of the time, but as time went by the programs had to expand and grow as the entitlements went from being a ‘social safety net’ into being perceived as a right and guaranteed promise.  The people suffering from the affects of the depression were the ones most eager to listen to and agree with some of the radical leftist resurgence in the nation, resulting in conservatives being placed in the political minority.  As the radicals from the first Red Scare did not actually disappear but quietly faded into the background until times were right to re-emerge.  It was this that led to the resurgence in people and followers that netted the Communist Party of the US swelling to 50,000 people in the 1930’s and the IWW re-radicalizing into violent demonstrations against the industrial and capitalists institutions of the country.  The government still had some conservative temperament that became alarmed at what was rising at home and abroad with the beginning of hostilities initiated by Germany against Poland.  This led to the Smith Act of 1940 making advocating, instructing, supporting, or defending the overthrow of the US government or any state in the union by force or revolution, aka a coupe, a crime and assisted the growing power of the FBI to investigate and detain suspects continuing the efforts started since the first Red Scare.  After the attacks on Pearl Harbor and assaults on US shipping interests in the Atlantic the US came together for the most part, socially, politically, and culturally.  This was the last time this would happen in our history.

Following the victories in Europe and the Pacific the country shifted gears from war time mode to peace time mode.  National sentiment was on the rise, the jobs and expansion of national output was filled by tens of thousands of returning military men, new waves of immigrants, and our recently upgraded infrastructure saw a new boom in business and prosperity.  This led to more and more people to look at domestic issues.  The radical left in the US was now fractured.  The Communist Party of the US took the mainstream approach and supported the war effort while dropping their pro-labor/strike and workers rights messages.  The more radical and war opposing Socialists Workers Party still tried to obstruct in favor of socialists messages, leading to many of their leaders being prosecuted in violation of the Smith Act.  The actions of the communists in Russia in post war Europe, namely the overthrow of every eastern European country, Berlin blockade, espionage actions , the sweeping resurgence of socialists messages in Asia (China and Korea) and Latin America changed the attitudes of many in America into seeing socialism and communism as evil, repressive, a legitimate threat, and something needing to guard against.  It was during this time that then president, Truman, signed the Federal Employee Loyalty Act in 1947 in direct response to Soviet Russia’s nuclear bomb demonstrations, the Rosenberg’s treason trials and convictions as well as the Bentley/Chambers testimony of Soviet Russia infiltration into the US federal government from pre-war to that time.  It was during this time the second Red Scare occurred.

The second Red Scare was not started in full until a little know Republican senator, Joseph McCarthy, started grand standing sensational reports in the media about extensive Russian subversion and penetration into the federal government playing to the fears of spies and outright nuclear conflict with an increasing nuclear powerhouse Russia and their politically aligned armies of China and Eastern Europe.  McCarthy used public fear and a sensationalizing press to great effect in advancing his influence and power in rooting out and shutting down suspected communist sympathizers.  His heavy handed and high profile tactics inspired a backlash in the radical left political parties as well as some more left leaning mainstream parties, namely the Democrat party.  McCarthy’s war on communism in the US was short lived, lasting just 3 years and only netting minimal success in prosecution but larger success by running careers of intellectuals, Hollywood entertainers and producers, and large corporations through an air of suspicion rather then fact.  This caused a huge public backlash that led to Senator McCarthy’s censure and ending his political career after just 2 terms.  Recent revelations made available to historians have shown that the subversion and spying by the Soviets on the US were much greater then thought at the time and many of those McCarthy targeted were actually guilty, just no proof available at the time.

Socially the effects of McCarthyism on the American public did not play out as either side, the hard core anti-communists and communist sympathizers, had planned or hoped.  The nuclear age led to real fears of armed conflict beyond comprehension as a nuclear arms race took off, China’s communist party surged into Korea and tipping the balance of power in Asia, communists plots were materializing around the globe at a frightening pace.  Hollywood responded, still sore over the black lists, by releasing media playing to the fears of the unknown through metaphors.  The air of suspicion was still in place even if the ones who introduced it were gone.  Again those who held the extreme and radical leaning views were not purged but disappeared into temporary seclusion or suppressed expression of thoughts and views.  Saul Alinsky was an intellectual of the radical left who stayed off the political and public radar learning, growing, and influencing a generation with his radical leftist views.  Shortly before the McCarthy era started he had published his first book, Reveille for Radicals that outlined his emerging beliefs in community organization and labor movement views.  Through the years of paranoia Alinsky was spared criticism making him one of the centers of gravity for the re-emerging radical left whom had now grown old and fallen out of favor surviving the first and second Red Scares of the 1920’s and 1950’s.  Among emerging leftists and communists believers were a new breed of intellectuals who witnessed the fervor and Salem witch trial-esque atmosphere of the McCarthy era.  They were smart enough however to study the ins and outs of the movements against their values and messages to see what was working and what wasn’t.  They were no longer satisfied in letting the message of leftism and socialism ideals speak for themselves.  This was the dawning of the new ear of socialism in America.  This is the setting of the foundations from which the Democratic party, three times invaded by radical leftists, has come to be at such odds with the mainstream conservative leanings of America.  Only through social, class, and cultural warfare could the battlefield be shaped into one form which they could launch a successful assault to bring their nearly 100 years ideals to fruition.

As outlined above, this is a 3 part series.  I am only outlining the backdrop and overview for what I am seeing as the end game from the radicals who have taken over the Democratic Party.  These are the same radicals whom earlier brought forth the rise of the KKK into the DNC making it one of the leading factions until the Catholics led a revolt against them at the National Democrat Convention of 1924 in New York City splitting the DNC into radical clan supporters and non supporters.  Roosevelt was the first and founding father of the current liberal view and ideology as he led the departure from capitalism and reliance and toward regulation and entitlements.  From that time the more radically aligned have continued to push the party more and more left while simultaneously pushing for more liberal ideals and ideologies in American society and cultural views, their so-called ‘opening up’ of American culture.  Moderates were becoming increasingly more isolated and the DNC base more leftists leaning.  In part 2 I will explore the cause and effects of this I have witnessed over the past 30 years, including the purposeful infiltration into strategically selected sectors of our society in an effort to change the country from within.  While this all may seem ripe of conspiracy theory rants it is not, unfortunately.  As I have just outlined above, the radicalization and leftist leans of the DNC did not happen over night, it has been going on for almost 100 years, little by little, step by step, all in broad view with little to no signal for alarm.  It is not the master plan of an individual or organization per se, but an effort by forward thinking leaders who are willing to take short term gains in order to realize long terms wins in a distant future through conviction and adaptation of a message they truly believe is superior.  Once you take a step back and view all the parallels in history toward where we sit today the conclusion I am seeing is not implausible, it is more rational as the actions of our current government come to realizations before our eyes.

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