Why I dropped of the face of the planet for a month

For my long time readers or those for the past few months, it was obvious I missed 3 items; my monthly rants for November and December, published on the first of the following months, as well as my annual rant review of my picks for top news stories to remember.  That being said I have managed to get a few things out just to let people know that I am still alive.

As previously blogged our newest addition to the family came here December 7th.  It has now been 1 month, well 31 days, and during that time she has grown, her big sister has gotten more comfortable in her role as big sister and the wife and I have soldiered on.  Our youngest has since learned that a camera is not a scary thing as she is seeing it a few times a week now.  She is really good, like her sister was, in sleeping mostly at night, for a few hours at a time, and fussing only when feeling the need for attention. 

I am still here, still trying to keep on top of things, and trying to make this year better for this blog then last year as it has starting turning too political and less focused on what it was 2 to 3 years ago, documenting my travels and experiences here in China.  For the reason behind lack or writing, all I have to offer is the below:

Hannah 1 month

Still working on taking better pictures and learning my digital darkroom program of choice, Capture NX2.  Coming home to this little bundle of fun everyday sure makes the day seem more worth while and spending time with her is taking a priority to my other hobbies. 

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