Chinese New Year Fireworks update

Ok, I got this nifty new DSLR for my birthday, and to use on the new addition, and it is capible of shooting video.  Well, I tried it out on something other then the baby sleeping on Chinese New Year.  The video is not as smooth as my digi cam but it is HD, though post processing stripped it down to bare bones.
That being said, here is a bit of a sample of the 12 minutes of video I shot.  I was using my tripod and had the Nikon 50mm f/1.8 D lens mounted that gave me a 75mm look as if it were shot on 35mm film.  The audio is what is the most important as well as how close to the apartment buildings most of the fireworks get.  Still pictures are great, but you lose the sense of intensity that only moving pictures and audio provide.  The video is hosted on Flickr and this is my first attempt at embedding video on WL Spaces, so no promises on playback quality.  Please check out my Flicker photosteam for pictures not seen in my WL album, which I am updating today with new kid and Shanghai parks pics!
Copyright JB 2010, All Rights Reserved, no use without explicit permission
Please pay close attention to how close to the building some of the fireworks get, one of my close encounters is at the end.  The video is only 01:09 seconds and as stated Windows Movie Maker for XP took its resolution down a bit.  I still need practice with video on the D90 to get rid of grain, this is just to allow everyone to experience just a taste of how awesome and spectacular fireworks here in China can get, enjoy!
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