Death of a Nation

I have to take a quick break from my PMP studies to go on record and state how disastrous those running my country have become that they have just pushed the entire country off the cliff.  When 67% of the country directly opposes the current health-care reform, according to RealClearPolitics, and Congress has an approval rating of only 15% and they ram rod, back room deal, bribe, and outright lie, cheat, and steal to pass a bill that is not written, composed, or even finished through a budget workaround while at the same times breaking that very rule that clearly states the procedures.  This is an unconstitutional vote, an unconstitutional procedure, and unconstitutional set of steps taken to get this ill conceived bill on the President’s desk.

I now am joining in the ranks of those calling for a convening of a Continental Congress of 33 or more states to dissolve the federal government and re-establish the original Constitution, Bill of Rights, Amendments to the Constitution, and re-start it from the original adoption of the Constitution.  State session from the Union, en-mass recall elections, civil disobedience by refusing to pay taxes, or en-mass convergence on the District of Columbia to physically remove all those evil, belligerent, tyrannical, and imperialist peoples who have revolted against the will of the people and taken the governance of my fair nation into their own hands and out of that of the people to whom they are supposed to represent. 

Those whom were elected by the masses to represent us have just demonstrated they will institute their own will above those of those who represent them.  Party politics, on both sides, have fallen to the point that the will of the party trumps the will of the people and this is against the foundation from which the nation was founded.  The government has demonstrated its willingness to ignore the will of the people for what it believes is best for us.  Through systematic social engineering and soaring rhetoric by intellectual elites to whom feel the ignorant masses are incapable of knowing what is best for them has gone on for far too long. 

Enough is enough.  The time is now.  The damage has been done.  Our nation has been shackled by a debt load and entitlement mentality that are unsustainable and the engineers of this know it and willingly instituted their cornerstone measure anyway.  The Declaration of Independence clearly states the atmosphere of tyranny and oppression for which a government is to be dissolved by the people and started anew.  The volley of oppression has been released from the ramparts of social liberalism now entrenched and sieged in Washington DC.  The President lies, this measure was not by the people, of the people, or for the people.  If so it would have been fully supported by the people, backroom deals and bribes would not be necessary, and the contentious debates would not have occurred.  This government has overstepped its bounds and this is evidenced by polls showing Obama at Bush’s last years opinion ratings, Congress at all time lows, and the ‘is America on the correct path’ poll at historic lows.  If it were true then where are the signs, where is the collective parties in the streets, where are the well wishes and high fives outside of DC?  It does not exist.  It is absolutely imperative the current government is shut down and replaced by patriots who understand and are willing to govern as the documents outlining how our government works are followed.  It is time to trim the tree people, it is time to stand firm and unafraid, it is time to make real sacrifices, it is time to re-light the fires of liberty and ensure a better country will exist for our children.  For if we fail to stop the tyrannical and imperialist measures of rulers who refuse the loud and clear voice of the people then our nation will cease to exist and the birth of a new oppressive state will emerge, one that is only concerned with its own self interests and not that of the governed.

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5 Responses to Death of a Nation

  1. Sarah says:

    Your blog post reminds me of the speeches our forefathers gave. Poignent, and so very well spoken. The kind that get\’s the blood quickening, and calls forth the patriot in each of us. I fear that times have progressed so far, and there is so much corruption by the use of power and money that the American people\’s voice has very little chance of ever being heard now. It upsets me endlessly that even as people are opposed to, and upset by this health care reform (among other things) the goverment is blind to our opinions. I guess they\’ve just become so used to opposition for things, they no longer aknowlege it. I\’m with you, we need a clean sweep, and a restoration to the way things were supposed to be. I honestly cannot even imagine things ever changing for the better any other way. I hope that everyone who feels the same will rise up in verbal and physical actions (not violence, but as you say, protests and stop actions, more Tea Parties and the like) so that we force Washington to listen. Even locally, I see the problems. We had a vote about a year or so ago, the choices were between the current position holder, a guy who\’s been known to be on the payroll of people in Mexico who have ties with with cartel, in addition to his being caught taking money from illegal immigrants in order to "overlook" them, and the white guy who had cracked down on the illegals in this area, was firm about border patrols, who had an amazing background recrod of cleaning up one of the bad areas in this town. The one who won? The one who had all the money and bribes to see that people\’s votes were counted, even though they had no right to vote because they were not US citizens. And shortly thereafer, a "scandal" , which, you could never find anything about on the newspapers, guy who\’d been working to clean up the area lost his job. Makes me sick. Maybe it\’s just this area seems so bad with local things because we are close to the Mexican border and a lot of that scary stuff has spilled over. Once we get the chance, and the money, I really want to move elsewhere, more north.It seems to me that since we\’ve had this president, (perhaps coiencidence, but I don\’t think so) things have gotten a lot worse down here. So much has been spent on health care that other things, like keeping the US safe, and looked after in other areas has been neglected. Personally, I want a president who is willing to answer the questions put to him, someone with experience, and someone willing to work hard and be well balanced in all aspects for looking after America and her people. I don\’t feel like we have that right now, and it\’s too bad more American\’s voted for things like race and prejuice agaianst the previous party who held power, rather than based on facts, experience and plans. We need to vote for the person, not the party. I think that\’s part of why we\’ve got such a mess. A person can be a democrat, or a republican and still do good for their country, while on the same hand, someone else wearing that title can do things that harm their country.I have to wonder… if Obama gets reelected, just how that will have happened. If he does win again, no use wasting breath to ask him how that happened, since he doesn\’t answer questions.

  2. John says:

    Sarah, thank you for the time and passion in your comments. You are correct, the problems are systematic and so deeply rooted in petty, childish, shortsighted arrogance that only a serious, decisive, and sweeping action is required to wake the people up and carry forth the purge of entrenched cronyism, corruption, and imperialism that has replaced our Representative Republic that our forefathers struggled in sweat, blood, and against all adversities to build up this nation on the humble notion of self determination, self reliance, and self governance by those willing to sacrifice their daily livelihoods to represent their neighbors and communities, not some group or coalition of idealists and imperialists willing to ignore those very peoples for instituting a new brand of governance by enslaving their own neighbors and communities under the shackles of taxes, fees, regulations, oversights, panels, committees, boards, and bureaucracies who\’s sole existence is to isolate, intimidate, and harass the people from their government to such a degree they give up and allow the beast to incubate and grow in peace. This goes for all parties, all idealists, all would-be dictators to whom have desired to be our masters and rulers on both sides of the isles.Thank you Sarah for sharing your own frustration and experiences. The time for action is here, the people are upset to the point of action and the tides of discontent and dissatisfaction have taken root in the people in a way not seen in over 230 years. This goes well beyond the ideas and thoughts of the 13 Confederate States, well beyond the crack pot crazies of the Michigan Militia and others of their lunacy. This goes to the heart of the matter, the heart of our ideals and beliefs, the heart of our nation. We have been taught to fear these actions from the wisdom of words, writings, and teachings of our forefathers and these clarion calls of heed and vigilance against tyranny need to be observed and put forth into action. The time for the ghosts of revolutions past are waking and need to be heard. The people must organize and seize the momentum of ill will and indifference by Washington to act, act now, and burn down the house of indifference so a new home of truth, justice, and one nation for all can be built upon the original foundations of democracy, representative governance, and mutual respect and common decency to do what is best for the nation as a whole, not the ideals of a few whom believe they know better how to run our lives then we do ourselves. Thank you and please help to spread the word, just as the patriots of the 1750\’s and 1760\’s did against imperialists tyranny of the British crown of that day, we need to do against the very same ideals that have rooted themselves in OUR fair nation\’s capital. The time has come, the hour is here, may God bless those who stand on the side of liberty, justice, and freedom!

  3. Kevin says:

    good to read this.

  4. Sarah says:

    Other than contacting my senate and congress members, which I have, several times, any other suggestions how to get my opinion and voice heard? I know everyone I talk to is very concerned. Jaerd even says that if this all goes through as planned, we won\’t ever be able to afford another child, that our taxes and health care costs will be even higher than they are now, and we only just get by since I stay at home with the little guy right now.

  5. Cherry says:

    I have been down in the dumps, disgusted with our goverment. with obama health care being passed, our goverment is so in debt and out of controll, its a nightmare.

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