End Game – Part 3

In End Game Part 2 I outlined how the radical leftist mindset became the status quo of the DNC, from its fringe beginnings outlined in End Game Part 1, and now this “Progressive Democrat” as they like to call themselves are exhibiting just how drunk on power they can be.  Over the last two months I have been preoccupied with life and profession but keeping an eye on labor pains of birth cry of the newest socialist state.  Just as I stated back in the fall of 2008 the past year has netted a pure socialists agenda even more daring then I could even dream up.  Anyone who does not see what is happening is either pretending to be blind, in denial, or just hopelessly lost in the DNC rhetoric.  Looking back at the widest sweeping regulations, spending, and government expansion since the Great Depression and only the politically blind or ignorant could not see the ultimate direction of this path.

I honestly hope I am wrong, so consumed by conservative ideals and values that I have concocted this vision out of seemingly unrelated consequences, I honestly hope I am wrong.  If the take over of insurers, banks, and 2/3 of our auto industry were not enough, broadening the definition of hate crimes, labeling any dissent as harboring terrorist intent, and instituting the largest expansion, lest transparent, and most partisan government in our nation’s history should surely show there intent.  To those doubting Thomas’ still out there the end-a-round passage of Health Care ‘reform’ through purely partisan back room deals and lying, cheating, and stealing only cements the view.  For every supporter of this liberal socialists dream boat there were over two firmly opposing it, yet the representatives of the People ignored those voices and only listened to their Dear Leader.  The threats of losing their jobs in November would not deter the socialists from pushing forward with everything they have to ensure every dirty trick was played and every base covered.

Even now, just as the dust is settling the arrogant and pompous Democrats act as untouchable Lords and Nobles dismissing the unwashed masses who continue to complain and speak out against their actions.  The DNC knows what is best for us all, and they will ensure that only the intellectual elites will rise up and continue the great experiment of American Socialism.  This summer the DNC knows they will face an increasingly hostile public, so don’t expect many to be out campaigning.  Instead expect an active summer session as the Census will be distorted to change voting districts and further cement voting power in the urban areas where the brainwashed congregate and wallow in their own entitlement mentalities.  There is still Can & Trade, Value Added Tax, expanding the IRS to enforce healthcare coverage, over-riding Obama’s executive order on public funding on abortions, and his latest bone, baring off-shore drilling.  Obama wants off shore drilling as much as he wants moderates in his own party, its a thin stunt which Pelosi will stamp down with leftist environmentalist squawking, as it was just something of a show dog to the president.

The future of the country is not a bright one, and the DNC knows it.  This is why they are going to keep plowing ahead to do as much damage as they can in the event they can’t steal the elections in November (Check out state’s refusals to comply with Card Check and why the federal government is not pushing it, while at it check out Wisconsin’s election rules loosening to the point voter fraud is guaranteed).  Acorn may be gone, but only the name, the leaders are re-grouping and coming back in a much more dangerous way.  Anyone who thought Obama was a uniter, transcending politics, or institutor of integrity, honesty, fairness, openness, transparency, and above petty partisan politics has been proven wrong to magnitudes of trillions.  Obama is the MOST partisan president in our modern history.  Had he been interested in by-partisanship he would have taken Paul Ryan seriously and implemented even 1 of his health care alternatives into his socialist agenda bill.  If he were what he campaigned on he would fulfill his campaign promises of openness and transparency instead of presiding over the most secretive and sealed room deals in modern presidency.

The future of the nation is more akin to California and China then anything else you can associate with anything resembling the representative government America used to be known for.  For those DNC faithful who dare challenge my arguments as being unpatriotic and racists I will point to only one thing, the past 8 years.  Yes, I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it.  The leftists frothed at the mouth with signs, rallies, and campaigns calling for the execution on G.W. Bush, Chaney, Rumsfeld, Rove, and others.  They made movies celebrating the president’s assassination, they called for indictments to have them arrested, they ignored civil debate and reduced themselves to sound-bites and bumper sticker thoughts that made talking points seem like a thesis.  Bush was not a good conservative president, he spent way too much, was way too moderate, and slightly aloof, however he did not try to dismantle the Constitution of the United States (Obama publically stated the document has a blind side and needs to be updated), subvert the voice of the majority (the second election was a clear cut win), destroy the economy (the government taking over 1/6 of the economy will result in run away costs and taxes to try to fix creating massive stagnation and inflation).  So what if the economy went south due to greed, its a natural cycle of the market.  NO BUSINESS IS TOO BIG TO FAIL, NONE!  The bail outs instituted by Bush and carried on by Obama were a bad idea and made worse with continuous incremental creep of the government into business affairs, like executive compensation.  How many corporate boards has Obama sat on, how many companies has he run, hell how many jobs has Obama ever held?

Obama has crystallized an already polarized political landscape and is trying to instigate a class war.  The continuous calls for the rich to pay for all his magic programs will result in only one reality, no middle class.  The rich are not fools, many are from old money and they know only one loyalty, keeping the money in the family.  They will leave, just as they fled from Massachusetts leaving its socialists healthcare system more broke then California.  As they hide their money, invest outside the country, or just leave for better tax climates that leaves the burden squarely on the shoulders of the working class, who will be unable to shoulder the burden and fall into the entitlement class.  Sure this will take a decade or longer to happen, that is why the taxes and fees for Obamacare are being collected now but the programs don’t kick in until 2014, long after Obama will be gone.  When the taxes are collected and the bills come in the cut off between taxes and entitlement will drop consuming the middleclass better then Stalin’s gulag or Mao’s great leap.

I mentioned California before and this is why.  Who is the largest employer, by number of employees, in the state, it IS the state.  This is crazy and the reason why that state is so broke now.  In order to support such a work force requires massive tax revenue, regulation fees, and other taxes and fees that can feed such a beast.  State workers have to pay tax making that job a net loss job.  Private sector business have left California because of all these taxes, fees, and regulations.  Unlike China the state can’t force them to stay.  The only way for California to get back into the black is to cut jobs, shrink government, that is it.  Now we are seeing Obama trying to do the same with the federal government.  Government is not the answer, never has been, never will be.  As governments grow the tax burdens grow and the employees drop off the tax revenue generation because of the small portion they contribute.  Government is dependent on private business for revenue generation and when at the same time regulations and barriers are thrown up to hinder competitiveness it can only lead in one of two realities, broke or pure socialist.  The only way for US manufacturing to compete is to start trade wars with others who can out produce us and with such a tax burden needed to pay for it all the consumers of the country will not be there making the country irrelevant to those nations as China’s and India’s middle class will supplant our consumption power muting our economic relevance.  The only viable option will be for total government take over and as history shows us, governments never relinquish power once taken without revolution.  The intellectuals think they have this all worked out, they are so smart and know what is best for us.

We are seeing this in the ignoring the will of the people to pass purely partisan agendas.  The attitudes and interaction of the elected officials to those who vote is despicable.  As a registered voter there is supposed to be an open and respectful forum for airing grievances against the government, not condescending dismissals and laughter calling the masses simple minded, ignorant, and not knowing what is best for them.  People in government have become accustomed to acting like rulers and not representatives and this is wrong for any party affiliation.  Those who we send to Washington, state capitals, and local positions need to be reminded of this and with a harsh and clear lesson that is unmistakable and loud and clear for even their tiny, pompous, and incredulous minds to comprehend.  We need to give the system a chance to work, if it fails us at that time I have only one thing to say, read the Declaration of Independence for a clear set of instructions and guidelines.

Many have been asking me what can be done, is it too late, how do we carry on from here.  Well, all hope is not lost yet, not as long as the Constitution still stands as supreme law of the land.  As we have seen those in power today refuse to listen and have become defacto emperors encouraged by their dear leader.  This means they are lost, stop contacting them, stop wasting your time, effort, and breath.  The next step is to organize, scrutinize, and act.  Join any of the numerous local tea parties out there.  Identify the alternative candidates.  Listen to their platforms and only put those on a short list who are willing to listen, engage, and share your concerns.  Ask them about term limits and returning part of their pay to the tax payers.  Those who are sincere need to be supported, talking to friends, time, money, volunteering, doing anything to help them is what is needed.  ALL THE CURRENT government types need to be fired and replaced by a new blood of patriots who will repeal this insanity, repair the damage done, and get out after 2 terms at the most.  We need term limits to get rid of the temptation of corruption at every level.  We can address lobbyists later, right now is time to abandon the GOP and find alternatives, independents, libertarians, etc.  The GOP is as much to blame as the DNC for this mess as they did nothing over the 4 years they had power to stop the conditions that incubated this disaster.  There are actions to take, become active, peacefully assemble and find like minded people, build coalitions and carry the messages to those willing to run for office, make them aware of what is required of them and keep them honest.  Only devote time and money to those who can win and who can represent you, not those who want to rule over you.  It is time to refresh the tree of liberty and to do so within the confines of our Constitution, for if it can not be done peacefully then its time to visit the Declaration of Independence and see what to do against a government that has become oppressive and refuses the will of the people.  The only hope now is replace the entire lot of fools in all seats of government, local, state, and federal and have them repeal all this imperialism.  It is time to go forth and sow the seeds of a new revolution, one that re-instills the representative government our forefathers instituted and so many have died to defend and protect.  Do not let Liberty become shackled under the dreams of some socialists idealist reality that is impossible to implement.

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