Family Time

In either troubled times, like the financial meltdown of a couple of years ago, or prosperous times, the giddy excesses that lead to the troubled times, it is easy to lose sight of really matters in life.  The stresses of supporting a career, family, and yourself can at times become overwhelming.  This past weekend the wife and I decided to take some much needed family time.  I know, we just got back from a 2 week public holiday so how much family time do we need?  Well, vacation time and quality time are completely different.

Vacations tend to be more work then work.  There are reservations, deadlines, schedules restrictions, all of it can become quite tiring which take the whole fun and point out of being on a vacation in the first place.  For those reasons we visited a long overdo ritual we used to observe weekly, a lazy Sunday brunch followed up by a couple of hours in a park.  Its always the simple and most humble of things that make life worthwhile and place things into perspective.

A familiar theme for many American workers is to dedicate a lot of time and energy to your profession, its a reflection of yourself in our minds.  Unfortunately we tend to forget those who are supposed to matter more, our families.  It should not get to the point of scheduling family time, setting aside time for spouse and kids, or becoming strangers to those we live with.  Life seems to move much faster today, its best not to get caught up in the rat race and keep priorities where they truly belong, at home.

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