Crime, Consequences, and Social Acceptance

Call me old fashioned, call me a Neanderthal, call me a relic, I particularly don’t care because I know I am right.  If this year’s seasons are to have meaning, revolution spring for example, then this summer is flashpoint summer.  We have seen a series of mod attacks, riots, and outright fights in the US and UK thinly cloaked in the guise of racial socioeconomic inequality.  Horse pucky!  This summer’s rioting is just an excuse to go out and beat up people of another race and steal items you would like to have and use the shield of liberal philosophical inequality to mask your intentions.

Western countries have been hit hard by this, Europe more than others due to the financial crisis and resulting governmental spending restrictions.  Here in China you expect to hear of the occasional riot over social issues, land repossession, inflation, unsafe foods, or unfair socioeconomic access.  In developing nations you also expect to hear of riots over economic divides, access to natural resources, or social injustices.  It is very rare to see it happen in America and Britain and for the conveniently yet thinly veiled excuses of social divide.  I repeat myself because that is the best way to drive a message home.  These activities are not out of frustration, but fun and entertainment.  Many eyewitness and victim accounts speak of laughing, taunting, and casual socializing in the midst of beatings, robbing, and looting.  There is only one real explanation for this sort of behavior.  Lack of fear of authorities or the law and no sense of consequences for ones actions.

David Cameron has it part right.  There is a social decline in English speaking society today and it is not just reserved to the UK.  Washington DC, Chicago, Milwaukee, Philadelphia – all locations where highly publicized US mob violence occurred this summer.  One thing that was not so publically mentioned was the racial component, the rioters were predominately younger black males from the inner city using social networking utilities to gather, initiate, and spread violence against predominately other racial groups of older affluent peoples and in parks, shopping districts, or common areas utilized by all members of society.  We have a problem, but the “old way” of looking at it, through rose tinted liberal philosophy blinders isn’t changing the facts.

Where I am right is that the approach of the liberal mindset, the 1960’s era of utopian social cohesion has produced a more divided, fractured, and hostile breeding ground for violence waiting on an excuse to be released.  From the progressive takeover of the entertainment industry and pushing of the anti-hero and vigilante style of justice message to taking over the primary education system with political correct messages that uniqueness and self determination are evil and conformity and participation are the celebratory norm where all are equal and none are ostracized.   From my parent’s generation refusal to adhere to strict social codes and taboos that provided unwritten acceptable and unacceptable behaviors.  To my generation’s obsession with materialism and over indulgence and selfishness not seen before and fed by new technology.  Continued by today’s spoiled and incredulous self loathers who have never known patience thanks to DVD’s 24/7 cable TV and high speed internet, instant messaging and 3D computer games available at their fingertips and feeding their most freakish desire.  It has all been a long series of bricks into a wall we as a society are now backed against.

Lack of respect for authority and the law.  This is problem #1 and one that requires all 3 approaches to be implemented together and with a fervor and zeal not seen since WWII.  One of the London police was stating the rioters knew their rights and the law enough to how they could be treated but not enough to know what they were doing was punishable by the authorities… horse pucky!  That is the equivalent of selective hearing and is complete nonsense.  Its important to know your rights as a citizen but its a two way street, those you are acting against have rights as well and violating them comes with consequences.  We have to attack the root cause, that is lack of discipline in society today.

Discipline, discipline, discipline!  Today spanking a child is akin to child abuse.  Taking away a child’s belongings is akin to torture.  Parents and teachers try to be their child’s friend instead of parent or authority figure.  While child abuse laws serve a purpose and need to be strict and severe to protect children, parents AND teachers need to have tools at their disposal in dealing with the most severe cases of acting out.  Child abuse laws need to be redefined to specifically spell out what is physical abuse in clear and graphic detail so kids, parents, and teachers know where the line is and there is no room for error.  All schools need to mandate corporal punishment or have it opted to the parents on a case by case occurrence.  Inappropriate behavior needs to be curtailed quickly or the parents held fully accountable if they fail to do their jobs.  This means if a 15 year old robs a store during a riot they AND their parent(s) face the consequences and they need to be severe enough to ensure it won’t happen again.  Without discipline and well defined consequences for acting out being defined you raise children without morale compasses and selfish ideas of society’s role in their lives.

Teach responsibility and self worth!  We teach sex education to 3rd graders now, so lets reserve half of that time to the consequences of sex, parenting.  By the time that 14 year old girl gets pregnant for the first time and has her first child she should have a clue on how to raise a child correctly, as she was 14 when she got knocked up her parents obviously failed so she needs something to fall back on.  She needs to know what discipline is and isn’t and when and how to administer it just as much as she needs to know how to unroll and use a condom correctly.  Schools also need to abandon the “all children and unique and equal” poppycock sentiment and get back to competition and risk/reward in all aspects of education.  Science, Math, Social Studies, and Spelling competitions where clear cut winners and losers are identified and celebrated.  Same with sports, bring back tryouts and culling out inadequate candidates.  Its how the real world works and needs to be taught early so kids understand and know how to deal with disappointment in life.  Celebrate winning, dedication, team work, determination, and overcoming obstacles.  Participation isn’t winning, its just being there, and where is the self worth in that?

We have places for those unwilling to positively participate in society, show examples!  While we want to have lovely schools we must face the facts we need ugly schools too, reform based boarding schools where discipline and restriction is impossible to escape and troubled youths can be reformed before they fall through the cracks, give them an opportunity to wake up and turn themselves around before you turn a blind eye to them and allow them to enter into the perpetual cycle of incarceration.  Good people get bad breaks some times, everyone disserves a second chance.  Reform boarding schools can offer that to kids before its too late.  Get them away from bad influences and give them the tools needed to control impulses, desires, and just bad ideas by living breathing examples of consequences for acting out.  It has to be bleak and terrible to them to be effective.  No distractions and no reprieve, shape up or stay there until graduation and at least have the same education and tools the rest of society has to function and leave the choice up to them.  If they chose to continue bad behavior at least they will be more acclimated to prison life.  Refuse to allow ‘slipping through the cracks’ mentality and uneducated inner city youths growing up into ignorant adults angry at their misfortune of quitting society early.

Bring back the days of the scarlet letter!  Ok, not that far but the gist of it needs a renaissance.  What I am talking about is social enforcement of social taboo and overt peer pressure to conform to social norms.  If parents allow their kids to run around and drink they should be called out by the community on it often and overtly until they get the message.  Likewise if kids hang out and act inappropriately society needs to call them out, chastise and demean them until the quite.  Examples of model citizens need to be identified and celebrated as well, overtly and publically.  Make it a two way street.  Show there are consequences for your actions, good actions have good consequences just as bad actions have bad consequences.  Neighbors need to know and understand neighbors.  Pressure them to succeed and scare them of failure.  Take back neighborhoods from gangs and strangers who kill their families as we tell the press they were just “quiet and distant” people.

Finally, let the letter of the law be just that, the LAW.  Justice is blind, let it be blind.  The police have the discretion to arrest you, the DA has the discretion to charge you with a crime, the judge should be there to ensure the facts of the case are clear and just and the sentence should be blind.  The ends do not justify the means, a crime is a crime.  There are avenues in place in the US judicial system to make sure those who deserve punishment get it, and even those wrongly convicted to get vindication.  There should be truth in sentencing and the punishment should fit the crime.  Prisons should be humane and protect cruel and unusual punishment yet they should be punishment, not resort layovers between crimes.  The food should be nutritious yet punishment.  The clothing should be adequate yet punishment.  The cells and common areas should be humane and safe yet punishment.  There should be no place in prison to hide from the fact you are being deprived of your freedom of choice because of your actions.  People should be looking forward to getting out, vowing to do anything to keep from going back in.  Again with second chances, those who commit non-violent, non-drug related crimes willing to work, work hard, sacrifice, demonstrate reform, and stick to it should be rewarded with reduced charges upon release to allow them access to good employment and redemption, if they fail the should not get a third change and should feel punished appropriately.  Lastly they should repay society for their crime against it.  Not with just time and isolation from society but through labor.  Chain gang public infrastructure projects/works, license plate stamps, maintenance of roadways and interstates from road repairs to trash collection/grass cutting should all be done by prisoners to repay society.  This way tax dollars used to house, clothe, feed, and watch them is used to maintain our national networks saving outside contract labor costs and freeing up those firms to more complex and specialized works.

Western civilization has been declining steadily for decades, faster since the progressive liberal movement spread globally in the 1970’s.  Some societies are declining faster then others, Greece, Italy, Portugal.  The US and UK are quickly catching up to the rest as their societies have quickly turned into visions of Rome just before the collapse of that empire.  Massive credit, debauchery, shifting morale acceptances of behavior, dependence on outside resources to sustain, its all a recipe for failure.  Surviving the current financial situation is easy, just return to fiscally sound practices, surviving the conditions that have culminated into youths running through cities and attacking racial minorities and looting without fear or reprisals from society is much harder to survive.  The current condition is a cancer in our culture and it is metastasizes into at the very core of our continuation, the youth.  Until we stop pointing fingers and begin acting, electing officials willing to act and rewarding their actions, and stop the past 60 years worth of progressive liberal social experimentation will we have a hope of surviving this.  As the progressives famously like to say, repeating the same action but expecting a different outcome is the definition of crazy… lets try something radical and new, dropping progressive social ideals for an era with Western societies were strong, robust, and the envy of the developing world.

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2 Responses to Crime, Consequences, and Social Acceptance

  1. Windweaver says:

    A strong and well written piece. But I believe the solution to the problems of today need more than just turning back the hands of time, although I do agree that your views on the need for punishment and consequences, I feel that modern media and being plugged in all the time have something to do with the breaking down of the social fiber. We are living more and more in a box and interacting with a computer, and I think we’re forgetting that there’s a human being on the other end of the conversation.

  2. redt1950 says:

    Glad to find you still on line. Great blog! There seems to be no consequences for ones actions now and society is collapsing rapidly. The things I see happening all around me are disheartening and embarrassing. TV has sunk to an all time low, disgusting crap.
    Bobbi’s Political Space

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