Andrea Mitchell – You Lie! with the help of MSNBC of course

OMG! How long has it been since I posted a blog here? Years? What happened? Call it a combination of Great FW of China syndrome, work, and of course, parenting. But I digress. What has forced me to break my silence after all these years? The multitude of news, current events past by, social stories, fixations of the media over this or that and what was it that pushed my button? The last straw was a drive-by faux journalist hack job by none other then MSNBC, who is becoming more known for outright lying about “news” than the Washington Post and New York Times were for plagiarism in the past millennium.

I of course am referring to this weeks hit piece by so called journalist Andrea Mitchell where a heavily edited video, a la George Zimmerman 911 tape selectively edit hack job. Again MSNBC got caught doctoring information to sensationalize the news into a specific spin and expected outcome from ignorant viewers who do not question news organizations. While news companies and organizations do have a responsibility to the public to report just facts and provide clear warning of opinion coloring of the news, it is up to us, the consumers of news, to be skeptical of these companies and their agenda and not rely on past awards, reputations, or institutional creditability to seriously ask why they are presenting what they are presenting, identifying loaded terms and vocabulary, see if they answer all 5 questions of who, where, when, what, and why as well as how this is more important than other competing news for our attention.

I was alerted to the Andrea Mitchell political ad faux news via twitter. Thanks to SooperMexican and many others this WaWa-gate has taken up legs and is shedding a much needed and deserved light on inner workings of MSNBC “news” and how they are going to cover this year’s election coverage. Just like the George H.W. Bush grocery scanner “news” piece (false too mind you, just as this was) the truth have been exposed. Unlike the days of old the social media is able to identify and correct such biased and outright lying by groups like MSNBC (ask Dan Rather about the G. W. Bush Air National Guard duty roster debunked by bloggers).

The striking thing really isn’t Andrea Mitchell showcasing her liberal bias or even presenting the splicing hack job on the air, she is in the bag for Obama and everyone knew that years ago. The striking thing about this is the culture of looking the other way and dragging of feet to admit wrong doing and punish so called reporters when their lies are exposed and they continue to deny and perpetrate the lie! THAT is what made me get off my duff and finally write something.

The Wisconsin political atmosphere has been a fore-barer of what to expect this fall in the US as a whole. Those who followed it can see the parallels, from Occupy the State Capital to OWS, from senators fleeing the state to hold up the legislative process to the president issuing executive orders to circumvent the legislature and from the stark contrasts of progressive liberalism to fiscal conservatism the polarization of the nation is pretty much complete. Just as Wisconsin had very few undecided voters by the time the re-call election occurred we are seeing the same on the national level. Mrs Mitchell’s political ad paid for my GE, MSNBC, its sponsors and advertisers, and those in the news rooms at MSNBC are only playing to the political base by pandering to the image control and news massaging of things they can capitalize on to sway the ignorant middle American who can’t decide which side of the road to be on.

So, as MSNBC ignores its lying, cheating, politicking “reporters” and paying them to spew their misinformation the likes of Twitter, Facebook, and the Blogasphere are more than ready to take them on. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT a strong Romney supporter, not even a tacit one, but I think it is un-American and irresponsible to leverage news outlets for political pandering and biased views while passing them off as proof of this or that.

As a vet and someone who loves my country it is distasteful and downright infuriating when a Constitutionally protected aspect of our society/life is abused and twisted to influence people’s opinions. I did not risk my life so the 1st Amendment could be used as a tool by a political ideology to leverage and influence the citizens of the country. I am currently living in a country without a free press, at least the citizens here know its not free and the stories displayed are what the government only wants shown. For American to allow its news agencies to be the modern day equivalent of Pravda, or the People’s Daily is just wrong and shameful.

This goes for Fox News as well. News is news, it is neutral and has no bias or opinion. Reporters who can’t cover an event or report news without injecting their bias or opinion are not fit to be reporters and should be fired. With the 40 year anniversary of Watergate this fall it really is time for the news groups of the nation to get off this news massaging crusade they are on and get back to giving the public the dry, colorless, cold facts and leave opinions to the OpEd and Letters to the Editor section. Magazines are lost and who cares anymore anyway, the internet is killing them off quickly now. No, its time for news to be news, let the people digest the information and make up their own minds on where a story falls. If you can prove Romney is out of touch and an elitist then show it, no need to manufacture it.

We all have Obama’s record to judge him by, 3+ years without a budget even 1 member of his own party would vote for, more federal spending then ALL presidents before him combined, escalating the wars and intrusions on citizens freedoms in the guise of homeland security, mismanaging the government and allowing the worse recession in 70 years to sputter and backslide. We know his policies and if he could fix anything he would have started by now. Heck even his radical progressive professor calling for his ouster because he has NOT gone far enough to the left! Giving him 4 more years will only result in more of the same. More justice department selectively enforcing the law. More division and class warfare tactics to keep people pissed and mistrustful of each other instead of together to fix problems. More talk of bi-partisanship only to demand the progressive left agenda be followed without compromise or even discussing fiscal conservative alternatives, of which there are many on multiple issues. More speeches of soaring rhetoric of not resting until all Americans have a job right after decreeing the DREAM Act by executive order and then teeing up his 100th round of golf. More hope and change that end up being more of the same old same old.

In my closing I will play off the famous 1980’s League of Women Voters debate quote from, well most likely the last great president of my lifetime: “Are you better off now than you were four years ago? Is it easier for you to go and buy things in the stores than it was four years ago? Is there more or less unemployment in the country than there was four years ago? Is America as respected throughout the world as it was? Do you feel that our security is as safe, that we’re as strong as we were four years ago? And if you answer all of those questions ‘yes’, why then, I think your choice is very obvious as to whom you will vote for. If you don’t agree, if you don’t think that this course that we’ve been on for the last four years is what you would like to see us follow for the next four, then I could suggest another choice that you have.” Well America, are we any better off, if we choose the same administration are we sure we will get anything different or improved off of the past 4 years? We are at a fork in the road, the media playing to fears, inventing misconceptions, and outright lying and pandering to their ideological brethren denies us asking those very simple questions. Anyone who must cheat, take aid from cheaters, or encourage cheating does not deserve to be in office, and you Andrea Mitchell no longer deserve to be in the news reporting business, become an editor at the Huffington Post,, Newsweek, Time, or some other rag. What does it say about a party of “fairness and equality” when they stoop to and accept aid from cheaters, lairs, and snake oil salesmen disguised as reporters.

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