What Evils May Come

This week we were witness to yet another abomination to all religions, except for the anti-religions. The main stream media seems to have very short term selective memories. Just under 10 years ago Muslim extremists of radical Islam, Islamists, were beheading multiple people each week and posting the horrid insults to every god all over the internet. They stopped when it was realized the shock value and political gain from such atrocities was so negative it served no one well. Then it was alQidea, today it is IS.

Why has the media collectively forgotten the numerous reporters, construction workers, business men, and hundreds of Iraqi, Afghan, and other Arabs who were so ceremoniously slaughtered? They say time heals all wounds, it seems to erase seemingly indelible imagery from our collectively sanitized minds as well. The 24/7 beast of always on news cycles have assisted in ruining our independent memories of recently past events. Imagery and events now fade into the recesses of YouTube and achieved web links we forget about once the next reality show or iTunes hit arrives on our phones notification bar. The evil of ISIS and ISIL are just additional alarms we keep hitting snooze on and drifting back to blissfully ignorant slumber, while the house burns down around us.

The late Paul Harvey did an essay many decades ago, “If I Were the Devil”, and he updated it every few years. Read this and a lot of our present events will fall into a different type of focus. Evil does exist. It will prevail not in the absence of good people doing nothing, but of people sheepishly believing it does not exist. Evil is not some existential theory somewhere on the planes inhabited by the gods, angels, demons, and deities seeking worship. Evil is the corruption of ones heart to deliberately seek actions and deeds that run contrary to life itself.

The cold hard truth is we are all guilty of this and the distant thunderheads of all the negativity and ignorance have built up to stratospheric levels. It will rain soon and I fear God can’t even save us from this deluge of ever increasing acceptance of evil. We have invited this harbinger onto our doorstep and sticking our heads under the sofa cushions won’t work anymore. Evil was not satisfied taking baby steps into acceptance any longer. I fear the tipping point has been reached and critical mass is at hand.

What we are witnessing is far worse than the Crusades, Spanish Enquisition, or even World War I was. It is not the cowardly and brutish execution of a hapless reporter. If IS were truly proud, strong, and just they would not feel the need to hide behind terrorist masks, taunt an enemy half a world away, or contradict their religion under a bastardized interruption that only a small minority of Islam accepts. This is the magician using a scantly clad assistant to distract us while he thinly conceals his great reveal. Anyone who truly cares can find out what is in the mind, motivation, and rationalization of your religious fanatic terrorist in a few hours of web research. Again this is far worse.

The problem is “us”, “we”, those who refuse to accept the reality for what it is, take the situation at its face value, and call it for what it is. We would rather play golf, turn the channel, skips to the next song or resume our Temple Run game. This is what evil expects of us as we have never done anything contrary. We live in a world of our making, shaped in our own image and now forced to live intimately within it. We allow the wholesale infacide of a select race yet deride capital punishment of the same race. We reelect charlatans into power to govern in our name yet decry their corruption and impotent leadership. We shun religions and morale codes yet rage against the injustices of society where violence and greed are constantly rewarded by lax law enforcement and lawyer dominated loopholes. We invited evil into our lives when we turned our backs on principles and codes standing in the way of fun, self gratification, entertainment, and unrestricted joy.

Evil is the sum of our in actions, self prompted lies, and willful ignorance to consequences. All compounded by factors of hundreds by our arrogance and blatant self worship in superiority in our standing within the universe. To us, the universe revolves around our projected self image of importance, just as the sun and stars did the earth in the dark ages. We believe we can destroy an entire planetary climate system yet are powerless to destroy a splinter cell of a religion they has killed hundreds of thousands in a decade in the name of a god they worship who instructs them to honor his creations.

We are powerless to believe our laws stating all are equal under the law to mean what they say and require “protected classes” to exist elevating the rights and legal standing of the few over the many, logically creating an imbalance of equality. We accept the idea we must have a unique and exceptional immigration system unlike any other in the world, yet we ourselves are not an exceptional peoples among many. Despite developing nuclear power, visiting our moon multiple times, and building the most prosperous society ever, we are no different than the common IS freedom fighter. No, evil has crept in and eroded all these notions. Evil has broken down the greatness of our accomplishments and seduced us with the very trappings of our own inventions. Evil is not the dragon in the cave breathing fire, it is the whisper in the wind impregnating our imaginations that dragons do exist and are just around the corner. Evil is just the faint voice suggesting if it feels good do it, nobody is watching, the easy way is the best way, it will never happen to us. Evil was the seed of corruption, it has sprouted and is now a towering tree wrapping its roots firmly around us all and siphoning all nutrients and water for miles around ensuring nothing else besides its own offspring can grow.

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