The dogma of hate and division

Humanity is in trouble. More accurately, what we classify as modern society is on the verge of collapse. I wish I were delusional or overstating the issues I am seeing. I wish it were my playlist impacting my mood, holiday doldrums, or anything other then watching societies around this planet eating themselves and turning more to hate and separatism. The pace of events showcasing the fracture lines and fundamental differences is growing too fast to be absorbed by our current social rules. Collapse and rebirth are required.

Just this month alone we bore witness to OPEC engaging in an economic game of chicken with the worlds most basic commodity, bringing multiple economies to the verge of implosion all for the sake to spite one nation that began to challenge their cartel. The dogma of economics over international stability. The sustained rising tide of hate, intolerance, ignorance, and religious inspired superiority of Islam over non believers both Muslim and infidel as seen in Australia and Pakistan. The ongoing schism between Middle Eastern religions and the west is full of useful idiots and silent supporters who offer token criticism of tactics only if speaking out at all. People in my home country turning against their protectors in bloodthirsty crowds chanting “what do we want, dead cops, when do we want them, now!” All this gleefully polished and forced fed down our throats in ratings obsessed media outlets.

There are too many raw nerves, frayed threads, ruptured cracks expanding to be rebound. Russia is gleefully riding their economy down the tubes cheering their morale victory over the U.S. Ignoring the jagged bottom rushing to meet them, all to the delight of their leadership longing for a rebirth and revival of the bad old days of Kremlin centered body politic. Israel rightfully reading the tea leaves of America turning is back on them in favor to placating to a fanatic sect of a dubious religion who will only be satisfied by our utter destruction and convert or die mentality. Even here in Asia the old nationalist and protectionalists are rising to power or consolidating it. The world is pulling apart at its fastest pace in the post world war era as there is no longer a morale or idealistic leader nation for everyone to aspire to.

At this time of year, as winter sets in and we usher in the longest night we are seeing the global society grow darker and darker. People isolate and cocoon themselves out of direct personal involvement. We now accept that forwarding a hash tag cause will impact anything. We are seeing Sony Pictures being pushed around by a hacking collective thinly disguised but motives point to North Korea, yet who is speaking out. If the movie sucks it will fail at the box office, no need to crash a jet into every American theater, well belay that as theaters are pulling the movie as I type. We can’t laugh or make light of anything anymore.

The bastion of information, the press, has become such a shell of itself it can’t even investigate a story anymore falling into the traps of gang rape, celebrating a sick narcissist feminist who also made a false rape claim and admitted to molesting her sister. Demanding dead police without reporting simple facts of cases that change the popular narrative of racist police brutality into that of thug culture placing kids into harms way by being combative and dismissive of police who are trying to maintain order in a society that no longer wants it. The same press ignores the daily plight in the same community they exult by failing to report on the epidemic murder rate, child endangerment, social service failures making matters worse, astronomical infant mortality rates, and a war on poverty that is more failed and catastrophic then the war on drugs ever was.

This is supposed to be the time we look forward to the rebirth of the year, the tidings of hope and gifts from bountiful harvests able to sustains us into the spring, joy from the collective thoughts turned to the birth of a religion that changed the world forever. The time we mark the turning of the calendar into a new year, season, and era. Unfortunately we are instead continuously be pummeled by blow after blow of negativity, fear, repression, and despair. If there were a devil and league of daemons working toward a collective goal, I could not imagine them doing a better job in dividing and conquering mankind. Whispering prideful platitudes and stroking our egos to where we have what we see today. Turning a blind eye and seeking solace in better times does not change the facts this train is already falling over the edge, and we are all riding it down.

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