It’s Been a While

How has it been almost 2 years?  As you get older time definitely does move at a much different pace.  I am not back in the US, though I did visit for one month.  No, I finally broke down and purchased a VPN connection, so now I can access the actual Internet and not the nanny state’s sanitized version of it.  So nearly 2 years since my last post I am back. 

Part of being back requires a bit of housekeeping.  This blog has been like an abandoned house, the rooms have all gotten dusty, musty, and there are cob webs all over the place here.  I need to update things quite a bit and ensure the links, my store pages, and other aspects of the site are all functioning well.  I also need to evaluate what, if anything, needs to be pruned, re-categorized, updated, etc.  Before I can get back to business I need to get everything refreshed as needed.

Now I have access to the real internet I also need to catch up on things I haven’t done in at least 5 years or since the powers that be decided to start choking off site access like search engines, photo sharing sites, and the general information and infotainment sites we can’t access from over here.  It will be great to get the old cerebral fluids flowing again and sharpening my critiques and observational skills in the season running up to the election cycle and the cultural meltdown experienced in my homeland.

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