Just another modern nomad who has left his home country to see what is on the other side of the ocean.  Plenty of life experience, grew up in big cities and on a farm – Eagle Scout, played on a AA State Champion Football team, worked in farming, grocery stores, construction, and factory work all before 21. US Navy vet – 7 years, college grad, currently IT and project management work (since 2002). Happily married (5/06) and proud parent (2/07) and again (12/09).  Used to love sports, music, driving around, travel, pc games and TV but don’t have time for so many wasteful distractions anymore.  If not at home or working I try to take photos of things I find interesting. This site is dedicated to sharing some knowledge, insights, and observations made over the years and covers a wide verity of subjects when I find time to post something.  Unfortunately the powers that be where I live have deemed WordPress part of the problem with unharmonious societies so it is now blocked like Blogger and anything social or hinting at sparking an “Arab Spring” type of thing, so posts are few and far between unless I am out of the country on business and have time to indulge in writing.  Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy and something here makes you stop and think a bit.


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