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Talking about: “Natural forces stalling global warming, UWM pair say” – JSOnline

Today I was amazed to learn my alma mater, UW-Milwaukee, is beginning to make the news over a very controversial publication in a scientific journal.  In the late February edition of Geophysical Research Letters and later picked up by Discovery … Continue reading

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Vast right-wing conspiracy… part 2

Ah, the good old days of the Clinton administration.  Bill was constantly under investigation for shady real estate deals, girl friends or interns, or renting out the Lincoln bedroom and Hillary was shot down in flames over socializing health care.  … Continue reading

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Note to liberals: Actions speak louder then words…

I have been running into more and more Americans here overseas who are grateful to be out of the country in this time of uncertainty.  Why, they all cite the economy and the direction of the country.  For all the … Continue reading

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A weekend in Singapore is too short

I am back in cold, gray, rainy Shanghai.  I was able to snap off about 650 pictures between 2 cameras, didn’t get any video, and spent a vast majority of the time with the family, the real reason for the … Continue reading

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