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Happy Thanksgiving USA

This Thursday is Thanksgiving.  For my readers outside the US this holiday, always celebrated on the 4th Thursday in November, seems a little odd.  A quick refresher for the holiday is this.  In early colonial times, 1621, the first settlers in … Continue reading

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Signs Our Society is Eating Itself: New low in childhood crime reported

Acworth Georgia, a small southern community 30 miles (48 Km) northwest of Atlanta, population 17,000, just had the worst example reflecting our receding social values and free fall to date.  In a shocking and utterly unbelievable report an 11 year … Continue reading

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SuZhou and NanJing day trips

November is a wonderful time to travel.  Autumn in one of my favorite times of the year.  Cool enough to wear a jacket but not too cold, the smell of leaves in the air, cool enough to really enjoy soups … Continue reading

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Barry Bonds, the asterisk, and fallen heroes in our selfish society

Performance enhancing drugs, PED’s.  This is the most serious threat to sports in our times.  Yes this is a bold statement to make, but let’s look at the recent history of PED and other drugs in sports.  Just this week … Continue reading

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Happy Veteran’s Day (rev1)

To all the active duty, inactive reservists, reservists, retired, and like myself just plain Jane old vets from the US military, Happy Veteran’s’ Day.  November 11th and 12th is Vets day in America this year, so hopefully you will take … Continue reading

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Running with blinders on

In my trolling of news sites I came upon an interesting side article about the trouble defining the middle class in the United States.  While the article goes on about the Democrats creating a special committee to define and map … Continue reading

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Talking about Halloween Myths Quiz – MSN Encarta

  Another Halloween, another quiz Quote Halloween Myths Quiz – MSN Encarta I got a 9/10 on this one, (Results here Some things about this quiz… (Spoilers so don’t read below until AFTER you take the quiz!) I enjoy … Continue reading

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