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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all     Tis the time of year we Americans sit down with family and/or friends and reflect on the past year, our blessings, and all the things we have to give thanks for in our lives.  … Continue reading

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Leaders lead, not follow popular opinion

I hear President-elect Obama and his transistion team are taking experiances, thoughts, and ideas from all Americans on how things are going, and more importantly now, how to deal with America’s problems.  Well below is something I submitted and notes … Continue reading

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Football to Obama, Rant of the Week

Just a few quick thoughts as work is killing my free time worse now then ever. First off sports. My lowly Lions are on track for a perfect season. They initiated a good move by finally getting rid of Millen … Continue reading

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Congradulations America, your voice is heard

The one great thing about America, no matter what is going on in the nation; we get a new government every 2 years, no matter what.  The people have spoken and the pendulum has swung.  History was made, in many ways, … Continue reading

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