Lazy Sundays

I had the fortune of doing nothing worth while today.  The sun came out for about 20 minutes this morning waking me up, which was very nice.  I went to our office party Saturday night and came home a bit early… I really do not like those types of events, never did.  I stayed up till 2:30 chatting with Coco, it was her birthday, and yes I got her a gift, flowers… not very original, but the best I can do from 7,100 miles away. 
I did do the dishes today, watched some playoff football, played some Xbox, and watched an old DVD.  After almost 4 straight weekends of being at some one elses home it was nice to be home, in the quiet and total control of my remote control.  As I sat on the couch recharging my internal batteries a few things came apparent.  I still have way too much stuff, and if I move to China soon finding a place for all this stuff will be hard pressed.  On the other hand if a job prospect does not offer its self soon, and the raise I am expecting for moving up to the corporate level happens then I will have to dedicate much time and effort to implementing what we are calling plan B, her moving here.  If this happens I have to move, and I like the prosepect of that.  Saving money is nice but I feel like I have grown out of the apartment I have lived in for the past 6 1/2 years.  Wow time really flies! 
Now the burning question many of my friends have asked the past week is, what do you want to do?  Well, to be frank, I don’t know.  I have lived here in the states for too long and taken too much for granted.  I am getting fed up with all the seemingly reality TV shows, music scene, increasingly downward spiral of morality in every facet of our culture.  Moving to the last hold out of communism is not the smartest move to gain proper prespective, but the world is not as black and white as it was in the cold war days.  China is an emerging economic giant and still on the upswing for oppertunities… but then again I am just compleating my 4th year at my job.  There are good advantages to both ideas, of me moving or her moving.  We both have lived in foreign countries and in different cultures, so I know what ever plan we takek, it will work. 
And this is the problem with lazy Sundays, it gives me too much time to think.  There are way too many things to do, get ready for my second trip to China, Chinese New Year celebrations sound like an experience I will never forget, study more of my Chinese CD’s, contine to get rid of excess junk in my apartment, wash my car, etc, etc.  To many things to do and not enough focus to do any of it.  But getting some down time is nice, I am feeling better, looking forward to 8 hours of sleep, and getting my visa paper work set and sent off to a new service I found via a travel agency.  The $40 they charge is well worth the service, the 2 days off work, the parking fees, the standing in lines… Yes it is well worth it.  Now I am investigating a K-Visa for Coco, and hope the horror stories of it taking up to 1 year to process is not so, I am even thinking of contacting the consorts of the devil, lawyers, to see what they can do about speeding up the process.  Of course I am rambeling on and on now, but I am sharing and sticking to my promise to keep things new and fresh here.  I will get back to my good ole thought provoking posts soon, just need to get back into the swing of posting regularly.  Till then, stay safe and I hope your new year is going well!
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